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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don't know who to attribute this image to as I found it on the net ages ago...but I LOVE it and this large scale installation work is what Stickytiki is aiming for a little down the track, so if you have a shop or business that needs a full wall covering give us a call and we can do something really COOL like this for you. OR if you have a favourite photograph and think 'wow that would look amazing as a full wall decal...we can do it!! Best of all with our product it can be rolled out like wallpaper without having to use the messy wallpaper paste...and if you shift house you can take is with you and put it back up!! Genius...stay tuned! We are busy little beavers here at stickytiki, printing out new logos redesigning some of our decals and of course adding to our range. I have had a call this morning from a magazine that is coming to do a feature on us and the house..ohhh I am scared I hate having my photo taken, but hey I just have to 'suck it up' as my friend would say. Fortunately the photographer assigned to do it is a friend (Told you Napier is small!!) so I can get her to photo shop wrinkles out, maybe plump up the lips etc! No updates from Mr F this morning..might have to give him a call. x

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  1. That is the most amazing mural feature I have seen in a longtime. Growing up in the 70's my house was a victim to interior fashion of the time with a mural on the living wall. It was a forest with a road dissapearing down the middle into the forest. It was quite enchanting. I think we should consider more the great and often longterm impact art can have on our lives and bring more of it into our homes not just the galleries. Thanks for sharing. Oh and I am ordering hundreds and thousands for my car - little suprise for the kids.
    Kind regards
    Jackie Mikami


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