'CHILDREN OF THE WORLD' Babushka dolls

We have designed these gorgeous ' Children of the World' babushka dolls exclusively for Lola and Ben NZ http://www.lolaben.co.nz/stickytiki.html
I have hand painted them to reference to different cultures, so a little imagination mixed with a little realism. They are ..like our other decals made with a really fine fabric adhesive that will stick to almost any smooth surface without damaging your painted walls. They are printed with Eco friendly inks to be kinder on the environment and little hands. All of my kids love these ones, and Kahlo keeps saying 'these are beautiful mummy'. Jasper has already decided to give some to his little (girlfriend) for her birthday. I have put some on Kahlos white dresser...they look very cute. So for a girly room that you don't want to go overboard in these are perfect...who doesn't like stacking dolls!
Lola and Ben are doing free delivery world wide on these at the moment....so get in quick!

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