R.I.P Mr Oopsie

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jasper and Oopsie watching TV.

Our dear old cat who was a grand old man of 17 died at home yesterday laying on the floor of my studio with blankets, lots of cuddles and kisses from us and silver (the dog) as he passed to the next cat life. He is now buried under the trampoline with his sister Daisy. Oopsie and Daisy were saved by my girlfriend and I 17 years ago, and as we were driving them home in a box on my lap, my friend had to stop suddenly and I said 'oh oopsie daisy' while the two small kittens went flying to the other side of the box...and so they had their names! I ended up with both cats and so my kids have always had them in their lives, amazing though how easily children deal with death if it shown to be natural. The three kids were fascinated with Oopsie after he died and wanted to know why his eyes and mouth were open..there was no fear or tears they just acceptance that it was his time. We all made a little plaque for his grave which the kids painted beautiful pictures on.
Yes our friend Oopsie had a grand old life and we will miss him dearly!!

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