12 reasons to have chalkboard wall decals in your home

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chalkboard wall decals are a great addition to your home, even if you don't have children. Here are 12 reasons why.

1. Easy to apply

All you need to do is peel the decal off the backing paper and stick it to the wall. Ensure the surface is clean first by wiping it down with a cloth (wait for it to dry if you use a damp cloth). Then just stick the decal to the wall and smooth it down with your hand. No messing about with paint and waiting for it to dry, and if you change your mind you can easily move it somewhere else.

2. Child friendly

Our chalkboard decals are designed for use with real chalk, so are great for children to use – if they accidentally write on the wall with chalk it can be easily wiped off. Put it at a level they can easily reach, give them some chalk and a duster and watch their inner artist come out. My two year old son loves drawing with the chalk, dusting it off and starting again!

3. Teach children letters and numbers

When your children get to school and want to practice their writing their letters and numbers, a chalkboard decal works well as you can put it anywhere. It also means they can write them over and over again until they get it just right!

4. Shopping list

Put up a chalkboard decal near the fridge or pantry in the kitchen, and write on it as things run out, or if you notice they are running low. I'm good at noticing something is getting low and forgetting to add it to the shopping list when I write it. It's much easier to write it down when you remember if you have a conveniently located chalkboard and some chalk handy.

5. Inspirational quote

If you have a favourite saying, mantra or quote, write it on a chalkboard decal that is in a special spot to remind you whenever you see it.

6. Release your inner artist

The great thing about chalk is that is super easy to erase, so you can go crazy practicing your drawing skills. If you don't like the result you can just dust it off and start again!

7. Weekly schedule

If you have a busy schedule or one that keeps changing, a chalkboard decal is a great way to keep track of everything that's going on.

8. Reminders

Do you forget to put the bins out? Or can't remember if it's rubbish or recycling week? Put your chalkboard decal somewhere you'll see it, and write a reminder of whatever it is you keep forgetting.

9. Appointments

A great way to remember appointments, just write them on a chalkboard decal that's in a prominent place – perhaps the kitchen so you don't forget. Also a great way of reminding other family members when you'll be out.

10. Keep track of your to do list

Chalkboard decals are a great way to keep on top of that never ending to do list. Once you've completed something, you can either dust it off, or just cross it out if you like the satisfaction of a completed to do list!

11. Easy to remove

To take down a StickyTiki chalkboard decal, or move it to another spot, all you have to do is peel it off. It really is that easy! If you're not moving it to another spot right away, just put it on the backing sheet, place it back in the sleeve or roll it up and put it away in the box. This will help keep it clean and dust free.

12. Great for rentals

See point 1 and point 11 – easy to put up and easy to remove. You don't need to paint the walls to have a chalkboard effect, and you don't need to worry about damaging the walls when you remove it. You can even take it with you to your next house!

StickyTiki has a range of chalkboard decals in different sizes – there is sure to be one just right for your house.

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