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Thursday, March 11, 2010

This stickytiki's brand new mode of transport and I LOOOOVVVEEEE it!!! Little Miss sits on the back and Mr 5 rides his bike beside me. I am getting a basket put on the front for going to the post shop with Stickytiki deliveries. My only complaint would have to be wearing those awful helmets...YES I KNOW they save your life, but really do we have to look bad in the meantime, it just does not match the gorgeous retro style of the bike. I have looked online for funky ones but they seem to only be sold in Europe..boo hoo..so if anyone knows where I can get a lovely stylish helmet (not bright colours (that will draw even more attention to the head) it would be greatly appreciated!
A big apology for being MIA lately but we are working really hard on new designs which I am really excited about :)


  1. I will look out for you on your bike... I know what you mean about the helmets, but they do serve a purpose. When Hannah fell off her bike coming down Te Mata Peak she broke her nose and thanks to her helmet she's lucky that's all she broke.

    Good luck finding a groovy helmet and I can't wait to see the new designs.

  2. Lovely bike Kim!!!

    Festoon is going 'absent' for a while, having already been absent for a while (check out my blog)... will miss you but promise to be back before too long...

    Jenny x x x

  3. It is pretty flash,you will be the "Meanest thing on wheels" ha ha Cheers Marie

  4. This is great Kimmy - and loving transport mode...tell me though - pits?


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