DISCO !!!! Woot Woot!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jasper had his first school disco tonight so these are some snaps I got before the big event. Little Miss was so upset not to be going that I let her have a bit of fun before.
The Disco rocked and I am sure Mr Jasper had a great time even if he nearly did fall asleep on my shoulder and did comment on how loud the music was...bless he is such a calm soul..as for the little girl..well we will see but I am thinking right now there is nothing calm about her:)


  1. Love the spider man costume!!! She looks like she is ready to boogie the night away.

  2. All I can think is poor Jasper when Kahlo, Fraanz and he all get to have sleep overs and hang out!

  3. oh the joys of school discos, I remember them well, cheers Marie

  4. My kids came home hot and exhausted but had a ball!

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