Lovely write up!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am very excited about this write up in Growing up Green firstly because it is the first write up about our new Alphabetica, but also because Raquel (who is also the kids editor for Peppermint mag...which I also love), has just expressed exactly what was my intention when I made this piece. She totally got it!! And as an artist when someone who writes about your work gets it, its a good day:)
Also thanks Brittni from Papernstitch for featuring our Tia in her email newsletter this morning.
Another awesome place to visit..and I cant believe I haven't told you about already (slack) is a new blog New Zealand Handmade made up of a collective of ultra talented and amazing women who make amazing things..(I happen to be one of them:) Come over and meet everyone we would love to see you!

This is our little friend Barnaby! I was lucky enough to see this gorgeous little man being fact my face was the first he saw...poor child! Anyway his Mum and Dad bought him round for a wee visit the other day..I am thinking him and Jasper will be great mates!



by mlekoshi