Beautiful bags for small people

Monday, June 29, 2009


Finally I have got some fabric to send to my lovely friend in Japan who is going to make Kahlo one of these cute bags! I have got her some Frida Kahlo fabric (as that who she is named after). Jacqui at Meeabee is from NZ but lives in Japan with Mr Meeabee and their two little boys. I met Jacqui on Skout trade fair and she also has a shop on etsy like us and now also like us is part of Trifle so we will be seeing alot more of each other! Hopefully too I will actually seeing her in life when she comes to NZ at Christmas. Anyway Jacqui makes the most deliciously cute bags for little girls and boys..she is one talented lady!! Also Meeabee has a really lovely blog Blooming in Japan which gives her followers a delightful insight to her life in Japan.


  1. This is a lovely surprise!! thank you! gosh you're really getting into blogging!!
    love that you chose this bag. it's so vibrant.

    I will have to shoot you my address, for Little Miss Gorgeous' bag.

    Trifle - so excited!!!

  2. Hey wow, how are ya...?

    I love this bag... and have enjoyed reading through your blog.

  3. Hey Katherine..I was just talking to Paula about you! How are you??? We will have to all catch up..I am so out of the HB art loop these days.

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