My beautiful neice Rach gets to stay in the USA

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rach at her graduation and Mum Jodee

This is my lovely niece Rachel and my sister Jodee who live in America waiting for Jodee's other daughter Matisse to have her transplant. They have been there over two years now waiting and in that time Rachel has grown from the giggly teen that left to a young woman beginning the rest of her exciting life. She was moving back to NZ because even though she had been accepted to college over there Jodee and Wayne were unable to finance it as they are not allowed to work in America,.... even though they have to live there with their chronically ill child (bizarre I know..they are able bodied and willing to work but not allowed!!)
So the great news...Rach has been awarded a scholarship for the next four years which means she gets to stay close to her family and get her qualifications!! I am so proud oh her, and just know she is going to do amazing things!!!

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