Spot my car!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Inspired by Heidi from America and Jackie from Australia I decided that it was time to put the spot-light on my car! So two lots of Hundreds and Thousands later..this is what you get! I only did it yesterday afternoon and already have had so many comments. I must admit I do feel a little self-conscious, because the car gets looked at...a lot! My big boy and his friends think it is cool..well that was until I had to drop him off at school this morning and he said 'just drop me round the corner Mum'! We are testing a new Eco friendly product that will make all our decals completely weather proof, and wash proof, so they can be put outside as cool is that!! So stay posted as we will be doing a special offer on two lots of Hundreds and Thousands SOON!! x


by mlekoshi