Politics and leaky roofs!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bit slack today, as a lot of it was spent in discussions, which meant I didn't get too much done! But StickyTiki facebook is definitely up and running..come and join us we would love to see you there!
Another big plus of the day is the plumbers finally got here to fix the roof....yeah I know plumbers fixing roofs seems a little strange but apparently it is quite normal! So the buckets an bowls can go back to their other lives of mops and cake stuff. We quickly got in some insulation too for the plumbers to throw in..so warm and dry. The thing about Napier I love is that, at 11.30 the plumber said 'you should chuck in some insulation here' , Si was out of range, little girl was sleeping so I couldn't go any where, but the lovely guy on the ph at Tumu timbers said 'oh no worries I will chuck it in the ute and bring it round'. Sooo at 11. 50 I had insulation here for the plumbers to put in the ceiling!!! How is that!
I was hoping Mr F would be around for coffee and a catch up but he slept in... (no dependants!)
Got a message from my darling friend who with new hubby is swanning around Vietnam I am so jealous! x..

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