Tired and Grumpy!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not sure what has happened with me over the weekend, but I must say I have been a little grumpy. Friday night I was feeling housebound which is what happens when you work from home I think. So since it is too hard for Si and I to go out together short notice I went out with Mr F. For those of you who don't know Mr F is my movie buddy and last minute sanity buster (oh not sure if that makes any sense), put it this way when I need to get out and my friends are too lazy, too broke, or too weighed down with responsibility Mr F will save the day..as it is very rarely that he will not want to go out!
Mr F and I like going to different movies, so when we found the only movie that looked remotely ok to see was called 'the Hangover' I was mildly reluctant...yes I am a movie snob! .......But 'the hangover' as it turned out was just what the doctor ordered, it relieved my grumpiness with its totally un-PC, sometimes cringe worthy humour to the point at one stage Mr F and I sat giggling like school kids, which is much better than our normal movie when we could easily slash our wrists afterwards as they are that depressing! So the hangover coupled with a drink or two and a bite to eat was just the thing for my grumpy mood! The rest of the weekend was fairly quite, catching up with friends and hanging out with the little people. My parents move to Napier next week so Si and I are looking forward to being able to go out together. Not sure if Mum and Dad know what they are in for!

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