Happy Birthday NZ time Jodee!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today is my sister Jodee's birthday..well at least for us it is, tomorrow will be her birthday for her as she lives in the States! Here is a little picture I took on my walk this morning, this is just one street over from us and right across the road from where Jodee and her family lived before they had to go to the States for Matisse's transplant. In fact the view could be seen from their house. 'So Happy birthday Jo' I hope you have a great day x PS: I told you my big boy flew in from Australia last night...which he did and was very grownup, except his passport did another couple of flights back to Wellington after he got off the plane!! Yes he s a grownup 12 yr old, but when he is excited about seeing us and his mates ...unimportant things like his passport get forgotten!! But hey it expired today!

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