My generation....the music and the hair.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Today is a very sad day the death of both these stars will always be remembered. This is who I grew up with. For me MJ's Jackson 5 and early disco will always make me remember a certain time in my life. I was in England when thriller came out..every song recounts a time. A friend and I sung Ben at a school assembly..and for those that know me I am not a singer so it must have been horrendous..but I thought I sung it with the same passion as Micheal Jackson so that is all that mattered!! He has made an impact on generation' 12 yr old son just came out doing a little dance to Billy Jean..he even scarily had the pelvic moves down pat, and while he is not as sad as me he realises what music has lost. I recall being a bit younger than him and coming home from school to find my mum sobbing her heart out..Elvis had just died!
And Farrah..well who didn't want to be her?? I sooo did, I am going to hunt out some old photos I have of me in my school uniform with my hair flicked at the sides just like hers!! I KNOW.... I would get up really early and blow wave my hair then use the curling tongs to create the perfect flick would last all day without really wonder I left school at 15 to become a hairdresser..I had had all that practice, after that I could do anything!
So Good Bye RIP and thanks!!


  1. Lovely tribute! Love your stickers btw.

  2. Thank you ivy designs! love your designs too btw


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