Happy birthday Miss Lou Lou

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This cute little princess and ohh such an industrious girl, has grown up to build her very own empire with lots of followers who think of her as their Queen. Her followers are very faithful and loyal because like all good royalty she is kind and fair and quick to give praise which makes for happy skouters. She gives advice and words of wisdom to all that come her way and skouts and hunts to teach her new skouters the best tricks!
If you want to learn more about this great Queen you will always find her here in her perfect Kingdom..oh I mean Queendom Skout trade fair happy skouting it really is the best place! Happy Birthday lou, hope you have had a great day..even after the free fall!


  1. Oh my goodness.... that is so wonderful ,sweet, thoughtful, kind ... I could go on ! ... thank you ... u made a superb end to an awesome day ! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Soooo great!!! where did you get that pic??? happy birthday Queen Lou!!

  3. Lol i stole the photo from her Mums on Top page, I was going to put the one up of her dressed as a fairy drinking wine, but thought the little Lou showed us her empire building skills.

  4. That is such a fantastic post and so very very true - I wouldn't have met all of my wonderful new friends without visiting the Queendom!! Happy Birthday Queen Lou who lives in Queenstown!!!


by mlekoshi