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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ok I have a major blog block..I know it sounds like I need a plumber, NOT bog block..BLOG BLOCK....... What do you write about when you have a blog block..hee hee quite liking the sound of that...'BLOG BLOCK'! Sorry I am just getting silly now. I think I must be sleep deprived or something, I do have a certain little miss that is coming in to bed each night, but that is really no different from normal. Maybe winter is just getting too much for me, maybe cyberspace is taking over my life, one of my closest girlfriend laughs and says I have a whole other life in cyberspace...well she is right, I so do! But I have met so many wonderful cyber space-cadets here, so I like it. Speaking of space have you seen our 'Space Odyssey 1968' below? We have just made one of these and are sending it off to New York.
The two models for this one are my eldest boy Zav and his best friend Kaeve..dont they look cool.

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  1. We love this decal!! It is very very popular and E loves his Aunty Stickytiki (that's what he calls you... so cute!). We have been learning all about how your beautiful decals work so that we can teach our wonderful clients when they buy them!! wooo hooo x


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