Time for clean up!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Here is Mr Ja Ja and the silver dog raking the walnut tree leaves...I cannot believe how many there are, and while they look lovely they do end up turning into a mushy mess! Also in the shot is my gorgeous retro caravan that is a little sad on the outside but just mint on the inside! Also Check out the pink shed with a little window at the bottom. This was put there because, this great couple and their two children lived in this yard for 14 years in a house bus. They made the shed (pink later when I turned up) into the kids bedroom, and hubby Chris put in a window at the bottom so his kids (in bunks) could both have a window each!! Isn't that cool!!
The weather has just bottomed out and is now pouring...so LUCKY we got the roof fixed yesterday. Speaking of weather proof...

STICKYTIKI IS NOW WEATHER AND WASH PROOF!!!!!! Sooo this means all those sticky little fingers marks can be wiped away...it also means your StickyTiki can go OUTSIDE or like me on your car!!!! The possibilities are ENDLESS...

We have been testing safe water based laminates and have found one that meets all our strict requirements to make it safe for you, your little darlings and the environment!

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